Security for your Smartphone

With the way that technology with smartphones and QR codes are developing, it is no surprise that hackers will now find new ways to imbed viruses into these QR codes.  One instance in Russia left some people dealing with viruses on their smartphones, where a QR code that was supposedly supposed to lead to a chat, really downloaded a virus to their phone.  I just heard the other day on the radio that there is an app for your smartphone that will allow you to upload all of your credit card and banking information to your phone so that you never have to carry around your wallet even.  So, if someone steals your phone, you are basically out of luck and some happy thief will be having a hay day on your phone. 

I think the best one was the other day when I was at the gym, I went to hang up my jacket and passed near the wall of keys.  Now, granted most people would probably not steal other peoples keys at the gym, if they did, they would be getting away with a lot!  I saw house keys on there, mini credit cards, Price Chopper Advantage cards  and all sorts of cards that could easily be confiscated and do some major damage to you! 

I think that people trust others way too much and give humans more credit than they deserve.  I mean, if you have some sick person that is low enough to do this (and you know they are out there), you could end up having to dig yourself out of a bigger hole than if you just left that stuff in the car and just put a car key in the locker.  Identity theft is a major problem now.  Especially with the state of our economy, money is tight and people go crazy in desperate times.  Just some food for thought!