QR Codes in Social Media

Since QR codes are popping up in all sorts of places.  It is only to be expected that they are becoming popular in social media outlets such as Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus!  In order to get a good return on investment for QR codes on Facebook and other social media outlets, consider the following before moving forward. 

Have a QR Code Strategy in Place!
  • Look at your target audience, do the objectives of your plan match that of your audience?  You will want to make sure they do to ensure that you have a positive user experience.  Make sure that the audience has instructions on how to use QR codes, that they have the necessary code reader to read the code, and see if it will be scanned indoors or outdoors as that will make a difference as well.
  • Make sure that you build up your contact list whether it be on Facebook or another social media outlet.  Increase the amount of ‘likes’ on your page and increase the number of RSS subscribers on your page.
  • Offer incentives to your customer base such as contests, discounts, coupons, free gifts, virtual tours, product demonstrations, free mp3s, and so on!  Make your QR code valuable!

Create and Test the Codes for Quality!
  • Be creative in your design!  Create QR codes that will entice your customer base.  Traditional QR codes will not stand a chance for the fancy ones!  Add text on the bottom such as the infamous ‘Like’ button so that readers know why they are scanning before they even scan it.
  • Because the proprietors of QR codes have allowed free reign of QR codes, it has opened up doors for many marketers and business owners to target new business.  And in doing so, it is working fully to their advantage!!
  • Use MS tags on your QR codes to improve user experience.  Use logos and images in your QR codes.  And remember, because this is an open forum where anyone can create a QR code, it is only as good as the creator who makes it!
  • Remember to test your codes!  This will only maximize your business and help prevent wasting many marketing dollars if they do not work.
  • Also remember to use dark colors, make the code large enough to be read, avoid putting codes on reflective surfaces, put QR codes in areas only where there is internet connection, and use a quality generator for your QR codes along with a quality scanner.

  • Be sure to make your QR codes link to sites that are mobile friendly and do not contain things such as Flash that are not supported by smartphones or the iPhone.
  • Include images that are smaller and colors that are likely to load quickly.
  • Use sentences, rather than paragraphs.
  • Test!
  • Some other features that you can include are things such as one-tap to make a call, email or text.  Include links to Google maps and other social media links such as Facebook and Twitter.  Links to sites such as Yelp, YouTube, Flickr and Vimeo are also great ways to market your business.

  • Setting up your QR codes to be tracked is a great thing to have.  There are many tracking sites out there that are either of no cost or low cost to you, it just depends on what you are looking for.

Value and Experience!
  • Ask yourself where are you now and where do you want to be technology wise.  How are you generating leads right now as compared to where you would like to generate leads?