QR Codes in Marketing

So the whole basis around QR codes is marketing.  Marketing is what makes the economy go, well for lack of a better word, BOOM!  Think about it.  Ever see a commercial on the television or a commercial on the radio trying to sell something, well, that’s all related to marketing.  In order to promote your product or service, you need a great marketing campaign to entice your customers to buy the product or service.  If you don’t get the word out, no one will ever know you exist! 

To market a QR code, you need to have three key elements…people with smartphones and a barcode application, a free QR code generator, and a reason to market the QR code to your customer base!  These three things are pertinent to a good marketing campaign for a QR code.  If you think about it, the last one is the most important.  If you don’t entice your customers to scan the QR code then you have failed at making it a successful campaign. 

It’s almost like marketing to children, you have to put it in front of your face and make it jump out at them to make them want it!  When you walk through a grocery store next time, take a look at the cereal aisle and the cookie aisle.  You will see that all of the children’s cereal and cookies are at eye level for children.  You never will see captain crunch or cookie crisp way up on the top shelf.  That’s because when mom is shopping with her kids, they want the kids to say, “Mom, can we pleasssse have this?”  Make sense?  Sure does!  QR codes are now being used everywhere and especially in government and business. 

So how would you market QR codes offline?
  • Business Cards: How many times have you been to a party, convention or social gathering and someone asks you for your business card…well, put a QR code on the back of that card and when scanned, it will put the contact information right into your phone!
  • Presentations: When giving a presentation, utilize QR codes right in your power point or packet, make the presentation fun, interactive and educational!
  • In-Store: Place QR codes right in your storefront windows or around your store to promote specials, discounts and coupons!
  • Labeling / Packaging: Include QR codes on the boxes of luxury brands.  When scanned, it will lead them to a video giving them the latest fashion trends for that season!

Online Marketer?  Not a problem!
  • Digital Publishing: Want to sample a book?  Simple!  Publishing companies are now including QR codes that will link to sample chapters to increase sales for the book
  • Real Estate: This is a great marketing technique for home sellers.  Real Estate brokers are now including QR codes on every flyer and promotional item that will give details about the house including videos, show schedules and broker contact information.

When marketing QR codes ask yourself three simple questions…
  • How will I test these QR codes in my business?
  • Are QR codes the right thing for my business? Will they make sense?
  • Does my customer base fall into the category of Android and iPhone users?

The last but certainly not least way of putting QR codes on your business cards is by having a QR code that when scanned, goes to a review site such as Google or Yahoo and allow customers to write reviews about your company.  This is especially good for businesses who offer services to consumers.  This is particularly good for increasing business, because the more good reviews you get, the better your business and sales are!

There are many ways to use QR codes on business cards.  These are just a few of the ways that they are utilized.  It all depends on your business, audience, services, and marketing strategies.  However, you would be surprised at how many people use them!