QR Code Decoder

So even though most people now-a-days have smartphones.  What about the people that do not have smartphones to utilize these QR codes?  Well, the internet offers a lot of QR code decoders to use!  One great tool that is available on the internet is called snapmyinfo.com.  The creator of this site has produced a database of 2D images.  How does it work?  Say you have a QR code that you want to scan but don’t have the capabilities to do that on your phone.  No problem!  Simply take a picture of the QR code, send a picture message to the site (as long as you have the capability to send pictures to email from your phone, you’re fine) and then wait for a response! 

Now, here is my opinion.  While I think this is great for consumers who do not have a smartphone, I think it is rather cumbersome of a process.  It works, I’m sure, but is anyone actually going to take a picture, send a text and wait for a response?  Probably not.  Like I said before, we are all about convenience and we are creatures of habit.  If we are used to something that is quick and easy, we are not going to go do something that is not efficient and cumbersome.  Also, if you look in Verizon and browse the phones that they are offering these days, they are smartphones, iPads, iPhones and so on.  Very rarely do they carry basic call and text phones anymore.  Do you know why? Because it’s a marketing technique…what we are seeing is what they want us to buy.  They don’t want us to buy the cheap phones that don’t have data plans…they want us to spend our money on prime packages so that they can charge us more a month! Now, I know that some of you probably may not agree with me, however, it is very true in my opinion.

In addition to decoders for public use, companies have also invested in QR code scanners and readers to utilize in their companies.  While these are great to have, I would like to see how they work with a barcode scanner, if they need two scanners or if there is an all-in-one type of machine to use.

Here are some great references on QR Code Decoders: