QR Code Analytics

Just as creating the QR codes and implementing them is important, there is another part that is equally important, analytics.  Analytics is the basis for all marketing campaigns.  Without setting up proper tracking devices and tools for your marketing campaigns, you have no way of knowing if a campaign or new tool will be successful or not.  To see a marketing campaign that seems to be quite successful will not tell you the outcome or what you should do next until you put some hard numbers behind it.  It’s also very important to understand the lifecycle of a marketing campaign.  Ask yourself, “Is this something that will be a part of the long-tale or short-tale marketing?”  If the answer is long-tale, you may want to track your marketing campaign for several months before you make any decisions on whether or not to change it, keep it the same or get rid of it all together.

Drastic and erratic changes on something that yields long-term results will not be an effective use of your time as you will constantly be changing and quite possible yield lower results in the end, as compared to the results you had to begin with.  It is also important to automate your analytics in a way that will eliminate human error as much as possible.  Human error is a major problem when calculating analytics manually.  While computers can sometimes have bugs and be incorrect, the amount of errors is drastically reduced as compared to a human calculating the analytics.  If one does not have or know how to do automated reporting, make sure the formulas are correct and carry over month to month and year to year, correctly. 

While you cannot directly measure impressions from QR codes that are offline, you can measure the traffic that the QR codes are brining to your site or pages such as Twitter, Facebook and so on.  Simply add the campaign tracking variable to your URLs and track away!  From there you can see the traffic that is being brought in by the QR codes and how it is affecting your sales and business.    Please note that if you are using Google Analytics, there are three variables that need to be appended. 

If you would like to measure the QR activity to your Facebook page or other social media outlet, you can use a URL shortener to pull up analytics.  You can also track phone numbers in QR codes.  Simply create a unique phone number that will be tracked directly to that QR code campaign to allow you to analyze the data. 

There are many other methods and ways to track and analyze QR codes.  These are just a few of the many ways.