My Background

Born and raised in Chicago, I was the daughter of a very well-known CFO of a very large safety company.  My father was very successful throughout his years, building strong relationships with all of his customers.  He was the one who I looked up to throughout my life, the person that I strived to be.  Well, looks like whatever he did, worked!  My father had no educational background other than a high school degree and started working in the mailroom of the company he is still with today.  He is now the CFO of the company and gets to boss around everyone else instead of the other way around. ;)  Just kidding.  My father is probably one of the best bosses to work for.  He is fair, honest and to the point.  He never beats around the bush and he will tell it like it is!  I always looked at his as a very inspirational person.  Often he would talk to me for hours on end about his life experiences and lessons learned.  Even from my younger years, my father was always teaching me about something whether it be about finance, taxes, marketing, basically anything!  I could remember the days when my dad was big into the stock market.  He made me watch the ticker for him all day one day to watch one stock that he had invested in not only for himself but also for me.  Walt Disney. He was waiting for it to hit over $100 a share and by the closing bell of the market it just hit over $100.  I don’t think I ever ran so fast in my life to go and tell my dad the good news.  He was so happy! 

As for my grandparents, well, they were saints!  My grandfather on my father’s side was a World War veteran and a proud member of the United States Army.  He earned a purple heart in one of his last battles fought.  After he was out of the Army, he met the love of his life and settled down with her shortly after.  Together they raised seven beautiful children and owned a dairy farm.  My grandmother was a stay at home mother (back then, you could!) and took care of all seven kids.

My grandfather on my mother’s side unfortunately passed away at an early age from a heart attack, so I never got to meet him, but I hear he was a gem. A real true work horse at heart well!  My grandmother worked in a bakery with her sisters and brothers.  A little bakery right in the heart of the city, she worked very hard to get to where she was.  I was very lucky to have developed the relationships that I did with my grandparents.  They really taught me a lot in life!

Those were the days I tell ya!  Now, my children would probably cringe at the slightest chance that I try to teach them something educational.  They would much rather be outside playing football than inside with their parents.  Oh well!  Anyways, so obviously I haven’t talked about an equally important figure in my life, my mother!  Ahh, my mother was a saint.  A true good deed do-er.  She was a local community official for almost 35 years and is now retired.:) Growing up, my mother was always very involved in the community.  She owned a little boutique downtown in her younger years that used to be her parents place.  After running that for a few years, she decided that she wanted to branch out into politics. 

Her first bat at politics was when she ran for county legislator.  It was a close call but she won!  My mother is a beautiful person, inside and out.  Her demeanor is never anything shy of caring and she would give the shirt off her back to anyone, even her biggest enemy.

I can’t even begin to describe how proud I am to have such great parents.  Parents that love and support over and over again until they can’t love anymore.  I truly am blessed!