A Little More About Me…


I love to dance!  I started dancing since I was three years old, yes, three!  I started out with jazz and ballet and then expanded into tap and lyrical dancing.  I unfortunately stopped dancing in a studio and performing when I was 20 because of school (got to be too much) but I still take dance classes here and there when I have time.  I performed all around the world in seven different countries!!  I have to say that for a child at that age, I got to experience many different things at an early age.  Now I am expanding into even more areas of dance including ballroom dancing, salsa dancing and even belly dancing!   


So fitness has been a very important aspect of my life, goes along with the dancing that I did.  I was always taught at a young age how to eat healthy and exercise whether it be running, tennis, or any other kind of sport.  In college, I started to work out at our school gym lifting weights and going on the cross-training machines.  I still continue to do that, every morning at 5 a.m. (I am a diehard! lol)  and now my goal is to get my daughter to start being more active!  I think a lot of kids these days don’t have much interest in fitness as kids in my time, so sad!  So I also run about four days a week in addition to going to the gym.  I compete in many local and national races, and I just finished my first marathon!  Woo hoo, go me! 


In addition to dancing and working out, I love to sing!  I have been singing since I was twelve years old, that was my first crack at stardom (haha just kidding!).  I joined the school choir at that age and it was love at first sight.  From there, I also performed in musicals, show choir, all-county choir, select choir, solo performances and much more!  I took professional voice lessons for about twelve years up until the age of twenty-four where I sang mostly Italian, Latin and French arias.  Singing is a passion of mine, one that I probably should have fulfilled with a formal education, but the past is the past!  Now, I am actually performing with an Acapella group in my local community where we are a certified Sweet Adeline choir!  It is a wonderful group of energetic women and I love them all to pieces.  Each woman brings something different to the table and when together, it’s like one big happy family.  I couldn’t be happier and luckier than to stumble upon these lovely ladies! 


So when I was younger, my mother was an avid tennis player.  I always would go to the park on Sunday mornings and while she played tennis with her girlfriends, I would keep busy with the other kids on the playground.  Over the years, I developed a strong liking for tennis.  Not only is it a lot of fun, but it gives you a great overall body workout!  I now know why she loved it so much.  I am now a part of a community tennis team where we get together once a week and play matches.  I also coach tennis at our local high school.  It’s really rewarding and I love working with the kids that are on my team.  We actually just won regionals this year!! So proud of them!:)


Photography and hiking have been the most recent development in my life.  When I met my husband many moons ago, I had never hiked or camped in my life!  Him being an avid hiker and camper, I went on my first ever camping trip within the first month of dating and I fell in love, with the hiking of course!, oh yeah, and him too! ;)  Hiking is one of those things that is beautiful no matter what season you are in.  Especially up in the northeast where they have the four seasons!  Coupled with hiking, I developed a love for photography.  My husband is a freelance photographer, just like me!  When I first met him, our first date was photographing the sunset in the Rockies, how romantic!  :)  From there, things were only looking up!  About a year into our relationship, he asked me to marry him.  How did he propose you ask?  Right in the Grand Canyon!  I was shocked beyond belief, but couldn’t have been happier.  A year later, we were married and a year after that we had our first child together, Angelina.  She is now the center of my world, along with my husband and we have a very beautiful log cabin up in the mountains that I wouldn’t trade for anything. God has truly blessed me!