Welcome to UseOfQRCodes.com

Hello all!  Let me start off by introducing myself a little bit.  My name is Janine and I own my own marketing company out in Colorado.  I do everything from direct mail marketing including catalogs, mailers, postcards, flyers and so on, to email marketing including SEO, PPC, analytics and much more!  I started in the marketing industry about fifteen years ago where I worked for a small marketing company out in San Diego, California.  It was there that I learned all I needed to know to go out in the world and start anew. 

I’ve realized a few things in my travels.  We are changing!...and quite quickly may I add.  Gone are the days where direct catalog marketing is the name of the game.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are still many people that use catalogs to order items.  However, there has definitely been a significant shift in the marketing field from direct mail to email and online marketing.  Everyone is now connected with the world through an Iphone, smartphone, Ipad or other communication device.  If we want to know how to get somewhere on a road trip we just whip out our navigation application on our smartphone, punch in the address and away you go! 

Witnessing both the new and old worlds of marketing has been quite eye-opening.  Many old timers who have had their business around forever are now being pushed to succumb to the world of internet marketing.  Some of these big time business owners have never even used the internet until just now!  But you know what they say, if you want to win big, you have to play with the big boys!  I myself think that eventually catalog marketing will become completely obsolete.  If you think about it, there are probably more cons than pros with catalog marketing.  For one, it is very costly to print those catalogs, especially if you are using a higher quality paper with a gloss finish rather than a matte finish.  Also, with the U.S. Postal Service dwindling down slowly, closing branches and larger facilities across the country, who knows what the future of catalog marketing will hold.  Let’s face it, people don’t want any more mail than they already get.  And they certainly don’t want a twenty pound master catalog sitting on their desk when they can simply go on google or the website, type in what they are looking for and order it and ship it, all within five minutes.  Plus, how many great deals are on the web!  Well, the only reason you know about those deals is because they are constantly changing their site to offer you new offers.  Unfortunately, you can’t do that with a catalog.  However, for some who are not too quick with computers and the internet, a catalog may be your best bet.  Especially if you were raised in the era of catalog marketing like myself.

There’s also a new and more recent (at least in the U.S.) wave of marketing coming up quickly.  They are called QR codes and their purpose is simple…a scannable barcode that is able to store large amounts of information.  We will get into the details later but for now you are probably asking yourself, why am I creating this site?  Well, It’s simple really.  I am creating this site to further educate people like yourselves on this up and coming technology. 

So! Let’s hear a little bit about me!